A handgun permit is $65 per person.  If you can get a group of 6+ together, then the price is dropped to $50 per person. For those romantic types, the Couple Special is $100.  Private classes are available for the rate of $75/person with a 4 person minimum.  All we require is the deposit, the balance will be due the day of class payable by either check or cash.  If you are unable to attend, we can use your deposit to reserve a seat in another class instead.

For multiple-person discounts, email me for a discount code. 

Nuts and Bolts Class (Phase I) $20.00

Basic Firearms Class is $75 per person. (Phase II)

TN Handgun Permit $65.00 (What I call phase III)

Advanced Firearms Class is $125 per person.  (Phase IV)

Unarmed Guard Class  (4 Hours)  $50.00

Armed Guard Class (16 Hours) $150.00

Armed Guard Renewals (8 Hours) $75.00

Women's Self Defense Class (4 Hours) $25.00

Youth Firearms Class (4 Hours) $25.00

Private Classes available, contact me for pricing (must be paid in full at time of scheduling)


Anything but the handgun permit requires upfront, full payment.  

All HGP classes start 8:00 AM sharp, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we can start on time. 


Upcoming Classes are both in the calendar below and in the Class Dates page.